Solid Waste Management is the orderliness associated with the control of separation, collection, storage, transfer or transport, and disposal of solid waste substances in a way that successfully addresses the variety of aesthetic, public health, economics, conservation, and other environmental considerations.

AB Embedded Pvt. Ltd. offers solutions that help forward-looking government departments to measure, optimize, and revolutionize their collection efficiency. Our expertise in solid waste management allows us to offer cost-effective solutions that are most appropriate to the Indian conditions. Our solution allows you to monitor your current collection operations better and gain efficiency while presenting you a scalable, data-driven system to expand your collection network moving forward. The passion and commitment of our team will help your department to grow and succeed in solid waste management.

Sensors. We use the world’s smartest, smallest and revolutionary new laser fill-level sensors. These small yet robust plug and play IoT devices report real-time data to your Smart Bin Live platform. You can enjoy a bird’s-eye view of your waste management operations and create optimized routes for waste collection. Detailed KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reports enable you to create a smart waste management strategy by identifying containers that need emptying and hence, staying ahead of overflowing containers. You also get data from containers that need not be collected immediately.
You can mount our sensors within minutes to any container type. Your smart monitoring begins as soon as the sensor is mounted. The sensor detects all material and liquid types. Geo-location tracking informs you of the position of your container, adding security and peace of mind to your department. The following paragraph lists the key features of the sensors.

  • Completely wireless with battery life of 10+ years
  • Geo-location/GPS, temperature and tilt data, and ultrasonic and infrared fill-level
  • Internal communications enabling reports via LoRa networks (additional communication options available)
  • Easily mounted to any container (weight of sensor: less than 9 ounces / 250 grams)
  • Non-corrosive protective shell ensures Zero maintenance
  • Measures up to 3m (10 feet) in depth

Smart Bin is a solid waste management solution that improves the environment in your municipality limits. You can collect the commercial and street waste in your municipality at the right time. You can ensure that resources are not wasted by collecting too early and also avoid unsightly over-filling by collecting too late. Smart Bin makes the collection and transport operations of solid waste more efficient and less wasteful for government departments. This Smart City solution has made Waste and Recycling a profitable industry.
Our Smart Bins enable you to provide first-rate waste management service to the citizens of your municipality. The Intelligent Monitoring Technology of the level sensors in our smart bins provides you a complete overview of operations. Smart Bins permit you to transform an almost impossible and expensive task into something that is easy and cost-effective.


Advantages of Smart Bins. When you have the intelligent monitoring of Smart Bins in place, you know which bins need to be collected and when. Also, you can plan in advance and send optimized collection routes directly to your drivers. Emergency callouts and over-filling become a bad memory while you gain huge savings on driver time, fuel costs, and vehicle wear.
Smart Bins have set the standard for intelligent IoT waste management services and smart recycling in the advanced nations. Citizens in municipalities and Smart Cities will enjoy a splendid waste management service, see fewer trucks cluttering up their roads, and welcome the reduction in the noise and air pollution levels. What’s more, you are guaranteed never again to receive a missed collection call!